Meet Modern Staffing

We Vet Candidates For You!

Meet Modern Staffing

We've Vetted Over 25,000 Employees So You Don't Have To!

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Eliminate your Staffing Headaches

BlueCrew allows you to hire top temporary talent at the click of a button by directly connecting your company to the workers you need. Our technology enables hassle free time cards and more insight and transparency into your contingent workforce than ever before.

How it works:

Job requests are instantly dispatched to perfect matches from the BlueCrew which cuts placement times from weeks to hours

Traditional Temp Agencies


BlueCrew has been instrumental in solving our warehousing needs. They have been able to find reliable workers within a day’s notice, here in San Francisco and across the bay. We could have not have accomplished some of our huge projects without them. Thank you BlueCrew!

Colin – Warehouse Manager

BlueCrew has changed the way we fill temporary positions, particularly during our peak times of business. During the Super Bowl week, BlueCrew workers played a critical role in helping us meet the high demand for wine deliveries. We now use them to address last minute staffing requirements and they always answer the call with experienced and skilled people.

Dan  - GM, Zephyr Express

Tech Features:

Background Check:

We perform a national background check on all BlueCrew workers at no cost to you! 

Skills Assesment:

For higher paying jobs, we offer online skills simulations and assessments so you can see candidates in action before hiring them.

In person interview:

We meet all of workers in person, so you can be sure they are reliable and qualified to work at your company!

Tailored Workforce:

Rating and matching system ensures the best workers get your jobs.

Rate your workers:

Our algorithm learns based on your feedback

Instant Dispatch:

Placement times cut from days to minutes with our one click hire.

Post and Fill Jobs 24/7:

No middle man here,  Jobs go directly to our workforce.  

Full Covered:

Let us handle the insurance and payroll hassle.

Our screened W-2 workers give you the flexibility of an on-demand workforce without 1099 liability exposure.

We handle all the Payroll and compliance for our workers.

GPS clock in:

Employees clock in on their phones with GPS at the beginning and end of jobs

Easy Timesheet Review:

Review worker timesheets quickly by checking their clock-in locations 

Wage Analytics:

Optimize hourly rate and shift length for job fulfillment with quality workers.

Operational efficiency:

Precise labor costs and worker turnover statistics help you optimize your operation and catch inefficiencies.

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